Mr. Pawan L Chandak Founder, Prime Catalyst & Key Management - Stellar Solar Works

Pawan Chandak is the founder and prime catalyst at Stellar Solar Works and leads the overall Business Development, Strategy, Operations and Relationship Management. With previous experiences at a range of small – medium – large sized American companies involved in varied fields like Marketing, Investment Banking, Finance and Insurance and with homebred training in all the group companies, mostly in the Energy Sector, Pawan decided to start a new venture focusing on Renewable Energy Sector. Having a strong skill set of Business Analysis, Man & Resource Management, and Technical Know How; and driven with Quality Client Service Management and Result Oriented Attitude, he comes with the right expertise to lead the team at Stellar Solar Works. He has a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineernig from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, USA.

The Chandak Group family members are the equity holders in the company and also constitute the current management. Together they possess more than 250 years of experience in every segment of a business life cycle.

Also, they have assistance from more than 100 dedicated full-time staff with the required skill set and expertise in various departments like Business Development, Marketing & Sales, Accounting, Engineering, Strategy, Administration, Human Resources etc based out of the various group company’s full - fledged offices.