About Us

Stellar Solar Works, a subsidiary unit of R G Chandak Group, is an entity solely focused in the renewable energy space, mainly Solar Energy. Our mission and vision is to achieve the highest possible standards in offering the best guidance, effective and efficient solution in Solar Energy to our customers and enable them to reduce their energy outflows and carbon footprint.

Stellar Solar Works is a deep rooted and fast growing end to end Engineering – Procurement – Construction (EPC) solution provider of Solar Energy based products. Our in house team of technocrats design simple and optimum solution in the available parameters to reduce the end user’s power bills; dependability on grid supplied power and provides insulation from any future power tariff increments. The designed Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) System is free of any maintenance, can withstand forces of nature and provides maximum solar power output. The system incorporates the Netmeter Policy which is a billing mechanism that credits the end user for any excess solar power generated and added to the grid.

Stellar Solar Works also designs Grade-A Solar Modules which it gets manufactured from some of the most highly ranked manufacturers in China. Our Chinese vendors are entirely vertically integrated companies having stringent controls over process and quality. They are certified by ISO, TUV, CE, UL, JET etc. They have in house facility for manufacturing Solar Cells and their raw material supply chain is centrally monitored and controlled. All the materials are collated as per our specifications and then assembled using their fully automated assembly line to manufacture Grade-A Solar Modules. We trust our design and product to the extent that we get it branded under Stellar Solar Works under the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Agreement with our vendors. We use our own Solar Modules in all our EPC projects and also supply it to other established EPC companies.